Contract with Myself (for the players)

Sorry I haven’t been making many posts lately but it is football season and I’m busy coaching my team. This contract is something I’ve been mulling over for a while. It’s a new idea of mine and I have not done it in the past.  I’m going to give this out to the boys and discuss it with them. Help them understand it. They are 10-12 yrs old so it will probably be a new idea to them. I want them to fill it out and put it on the wall in their room to remind themselves of their goals and to make good decisions in life to help them live out those goals. My hope is that it will clarify a lot of choices that could lead them down the wrong path and cut that off early in the process. I just want to make them think about the consequences before they act.

Who is the man I want to be when I’m 25?

What values do I want to have?

Integrity        Character     Courage        Dependable Committed   Warrior

Honest           Responsible  Kind                Loving            Trustworthy

What education do I want?

College          High school              Dropout        Trade school

What job do I want?

Engineer       Architect       Supervisor    Plumber        Welder          Teacher         Military

Fedex Delivery man           Electrician     none              other skilled trade

Other –

Where do I want to live?

In a house I own     Renting          With Mom and Dad

Do I want to be married?   Yes   No

Do I want to have kids?    Yes      No

Do I want to be a Christian?        Yes      No

What kind of life do I want?

Drug addicted         Alcoholic       Normal

Now you know who you and what you want to be when you’re 25. These are goals you have in your life. Now you have to make plans to achieve those goals. Every time you’re faced with a choice in your life, you need to ask yourself “Which choice will help me achieve my goals and which choice to take me away from my goals?” Also to make plans, you need to get advice from people that will help you figure out how to get to your goals.


I will try to live the life that will help me achieve the goals I have chosen here.

Signature____________________________    Date____________________

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