Life is better with a Soundtrack

While I was driving at work one day, I was thinking about the evening practice plan and listening to Metallica. The more this combo mixed in my head, the more jacked up I got about the evening practice. I thought if this is doing this to me, it will do this to the MINI-MEs that I coach. I am a man and they are little boys and we share the same Warrior Heart. Thus having music for certain drills at practice was born.

I bring an old style battery powered boom box to practice. I play mostly hard rock/heavy metal music on it. I’m careful of the lyrics of the songs to exclude profanity and other situations. We use it on certain drills. Board drills for sure. That was the first one I used it for. We now use music for Power hour, Bronco, and most fun drills. Music really adds to the intensity of the drill. You’ll see the kids in line’s heads bobbing up and down in rhythm to the beat and you can see the increased intensity in their eyes as they put their hand on the ground, ready to fire out and engage their opponent in a block.

The music also adds a bit of fun to the whole practice. It does not distract. Sometimes, “it’s fun” is the only reason I do some things at practice. The boys don’t need any more justification than that to do certain things in their life and this practice is for them so why shouldn’t I embrace that. That’s not to say we don’t do the important things at the expense of just having fun but you can do both.

I encourage you to try this. I promise you the first time you drag your boom box onto the field, you’ll get a bunch of smiles from your players.

2 thoughts on “Life is better with a Soundtrack”

  1. This is a great idea. I have thought about implementing it this upcoming season (5th Grade). Just watching they reacted to the music being played last season during playoffs was enough to convince me that there is merit to this idea.

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