What is a Storytime? It was named that by the players not by me. I decided to use water breaks to give 2-5 minute lessons for the players. Sometimes the lessons are full of imagery, a word picture, to help the boys understand a concept or to motivate them. Sometimes they are Bible stories to teach them a life lesson. Sometimes they are stories from my life that teach a lesson and bring us closer together. Our brains are designed to learn by hearing a story to illustrate a point. Jesus taught in parables. The word parable means to lay one thing down against another. Analogy is another term for this. Jesus knew this and used it very wisely.

I have stopped doing Storytimes at the start of practice because the players don’t need a break at that point so it’s more time efficient to tell them we’re going to have a break anyway. The boys love these times and if I haven’t done a storytime in a few days, they will remind that it’s been too long. So when you see things categorized as storytimes in this blog, you’ll know what it means.

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