The Sword

Every good warrior needs a weapon. Your weapon is what does damage to your opponent. Our weapon of choice will be the sword. In football, our swords are our bodies. A sword starts out as a piece of raw iron, very soft and of not much use. A blacksmith takes this piece of iron and places it into a forge, which is a very hot furnace to make it softer so that he can shape it. We can’t even imagine the heat in the forge. He is preparing it for battle. He also places in the forge over and over, then into cold water to harden it. He then tempers it, by heating it again without cooling it fast. This is what we’re doing to your bodies. Your bodies are soft and weak. As we run and exercise, especially in the heat of the sun, your muscles become harder and harder, day by day. This cannot happen in a short time. It takes weeks. You have a choice in how strong you become. The harder you work the tougher and more battle ready your body will become. Just like the sword, the harder your bodies are, the longer they will last in the battle.

Now that we have a hard and tempered sword, we have to learn to wield it, to use it. If you were preparing to do battle with your sword as your weapon, you would train with it. You would learn from your coach how to block your opponent’s advances and you would learn to slash and cut (thrust and parry) with your sword. By the same token, we learn how to battle within the confines of the rules of football. This mainly consists of blocking and tackling. These are things the coaches teach.

Now that we have a hard sword and know how to use it, we need to sharpen it so that it cuts deep. Proverbs 27:17 says that “As iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.” That means it’s up to you guys to sharpen each other’s swords. To compete hard against each other to make each other better. When we all do this, we make the team better. Now we can go out and cut our opponents apart with our shoulder pads.

Who is wielding the sword of our body? Our Warrior Heart is. It is what is in control of the sword. How tough and cunning we are is dependent upon how much we have developed our Warrior Heart. We may have the knowledge of how to use the sword but do we have the courage to do it? That’s what comes from your Warrior Heart.

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