What prompted me to start a blog?

I’ve been wanting to share how I coach with other coaches for years. I haven’t been able to decide whether to write a book, do clinics or a series of videos. The recent seasons of “Friday Night Tykes” and “Steel Country” really made me want to get the word out even sooner. I couldn’t imagine talking to the players the way these guys do. Cussing and yelling at 9-11 yr olds. I believe these guys are doing what they think is right. I disagree. I have proven that you don’t have to coach like that to win. You can actually treat the kids with respect like you would adults and get great results. Starting a blog was the quickest way to get the word out. I figure for every coach I convert, I have saved about 25 young men from having a miserable season and giving up on football.

Please bear with me as I do this. I have never assembled a website so this whole thing is a work in progress. It will change as I tinker with it and learn new things.

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